Thursday, 16 November 2017

LIAN, Fantasy and Adventure Webcomic

Lian, Fantasy Adventure Webcomic
Recently I have been working on a personal idea for a web-based comic strip. This came about from a couple inspirational situations from my daughters. Firstly it was due to sketching them over the years and secondly my daughters refueling my interest into the world of Superheroes and Comics. The Last time I was interested in this genre was when I was a kid. Going with my Father who took me to the Cinemas to see Superman starring Christopher Reeve and then Flash Gordon. But I also loved coming home from school every Friday Teatime to watch Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby's Incredible Hulk. Oh and let us not forget The Six Million Dollar Man! 

It wasn't until many years later that my daughter wanted to see Marvel Avengers at the Cinema. At first I was a little skeptical, but afterwards, I was hooked! So there started the rebirth of my love for the comics and superhero style movies, All through my time drawing and painting I never really considered working in a comic style sort of way. 

But now I have the idea of putting the two things together. Using my daughters as a reference to create my very own comic. I have never really dabbled in this way of working before, but for me, this is just a fun and challenging thing to do.

I came up with the idea of a girl called 'LIAN' who becomes mixed up in two parallel dimensions due to absorbing an unknown force that gives her permanent superhuman abilities... Ok so it may sound a little clich├ęd, but our whole life is full of repetition and routine, so I suppose it is up to myself to create a slightly different take on it.

Lian Webcomic, early character sketches

I decided to start doodling some ideas loosely referencing my daughter as inspiration for the character. This is a huge learning curve for me already. There is one thing sketching, drawing and painting in the way I normally create, but it is a very different discipline to which I now realise I am at the beginning of this journey. The first hurdle was deciding to either go with the ink or pencil route. I looked online and there is a large debate about this, so in the end, I went with what I felt was right for this particular sort of comic.

The other hurdle was not just coming up with the character, but the storyline, drawing, drawing and more drawing! ha ha!! The drawing itself was an issue, asking questions to myself such as, "Is there a certain way I should draw?", "Do I follow a style?" In the end, I just went with a feel I was comfortable with and not to get too bogged down with what other people were doing. Saying that though, I am now educating myself on the various Marvel and DC comics out there and many independent comic creators which I am finding very inspirational.

Hopefully, I should have the first part of the comic up in late December or early January, so I will see how it goes, but one thing for sure is that it has refueled my passion for drawing even more!

To follow the webcomic you can click here: LIAN Webcomic

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Aynsley Lister, Eyes Wide Open Paintings

Eyes Wide Open, Aynsley Lister. Front cover painted by Anthony Greentree
Recently I was approached by Blues guitarist Aynsley Lister and his wife Steph to look at creating artwork for his new album 'Eyes Wide Open' which will be released on October 7th, 2016.

The idea was to capture the observations and moods of the songs he'd written and try to visualise it in a way that reflected the feel. The initial idea I had was the vision of Aynsley opening curtains of a window and absorb the moments of the day. The songs had an Amercian vibe to them, so I immediately thought of New York City as the backdrop for the front cover.

I set to work by creating pencil and ink sketches to get a general idea of how it was going to look and sent them to Aynsley to see if that was the right path to go down.

Aynsley Lister sketched visual ideas for Album cover Eyes Wide Open.
I have seen Aynsley Lister in concert a few times in the past and the one thing that sticks out at me is the expressive tone in his guitar work. You can really feel it in his live performances and it's that same emotion I wanted to capture in the paintings. 

Apart from the songs that he writes, one of the standout cover songs he performs is Prince's 'Purple Rain' For me It is a perfect example of his delicate handling of the guitar and later I found out that one of his favourite colours is purple! This was one of the main colours I wanted to include in the paintings. (Funnily the meaning for purple in the aura has magical, sensitive and creative powers.)

work in progress paintings for Aynsley Lister album Eyes Wide Open
So I set to work on three paintings chosen from the visuals I created. Steph took some photos of Aynsley in various poses based off the ideas as a reference for the paintings. The painting of him on the front is of him looking out of the patio window while he was at a guitar weekend he tutors for budding blues guitarists.

Once I formed the main part of the composition I then painted in the New York background. The second painting I wanted to create the same feel but more of Aynsley in a contemplative mode, taking in the thoughts of his visions.

Aynsley Lister Eyes Wide Open album sleeve with finished artwork
Overall they chose the two paintings for the album and Steph set to work on laying out the text and graphics to complement the paintings. As I said earlier, there was a third painting which never went on the finished album, which quite rightly doesn't sit with the other two. Overlall I am very happy with the finished result and I hope it reflects what really is a great album! 

For more information on Aynsley Lister and gigs you can go to the links below:
Aynsley Lister Official Site.
Aynsley Lister Facebook Page.
Aynsley Lister Twitter Page.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Mural at Coalville in the Park

Mural on canvas at party in the park - Anthony Greentree

Afternoon Mural at Party in the Park

This afternoon I was in Coalville, Leicestershire creating a mural for FiLiGi who is an organisation that helps young people improve their own futures. They were one of several gazebo and tents that made up the whole of the two day festival.

These type of murals are very spontaneous, and because of the short time (usually 4-5hrs)
I sketch down the events of the day through basic images and words that describe the feel. In the past I have done murals at conferences where I can see the speaker or activity straight away and describe the moment through drawing or keywords.

Because I was under a gazebo in the rain, I had no choice but to walk around for 20 mins and take quick snap shots of the day. From that I then put together a sort of painted montage and filled in the spaces with words that related to the atmosphere.

Today the surface was a canvas that was about the same size as a display roller banner and overall it took me around 4 hours to complete. Firstly I painted out the outline before filling in with colour. I have done quite a few of these smaller event murals and the one thing I love about doing them is the spontaneity. There is no plan when creating the murals, which for me adds to the rawness and captures a painted timeline of the day. People come and go to view it as I paint and they add their little contribution, either as an image idea or a keyword for me to include.

If you would like a mural of this kind producing at an event or conference etc, then let me know for more information.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Flower art prints

Flower ink sketches by Anthony Greentree

Flower Art Print

I have added some more artwork up on the art print site Society 6. These are a collection of ink and wash sketches I did last year that I have put together in one print.

This is along with other artwork I have uploaded on there in recent month so feel free to have a browse through.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Art prints for sale on Society 6

Art Prints for sale

I have recently been slowly uploading a lot of my drawings, sketches and illustrations to the online site Society 6. You can browse through and order my work as art prints in various formats. Feel free to browse through. I will be adding more very soon.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Weddings, artwork and thumbprints

Keepsake and Memory tree that was used at the wedding

Wedding Tree - Keepsake gift

This is an ink drawing I did for a wedding recently. I drew the tree on a large piece of card. The idea is for the guests at the wedding to apply their own thumbprint to make the leaves of the tree and write their name with it. It really makes for a nice keepsake memory of the day. I imagine this could also work for big family occasions or get togethers too.

If you would like something similar creating for your own wedding or celebration then contact me for more information. I have seen this idea done before but also using different images to convey the thumbprints.

11 black and whites sketches I created for a wedding

Glastonbury Sketches

The wedding was quite a busy affair as I was also asked to produce images for the tables and table plans. The couple wanted their wedding to be based off the theme of Glastonbury, as they will be going there as part of their honeymoon.

Example of Glastonbury stage sketch used for one of the wedding tables

They asked for several sketches of the main music stages at Glastonbury such as the Pyramid stage and West Holts stage. I produced 11 sketches in black and white and also created a table plan based off the drawings.

Wedding Table Plan based off sketches I did of Glastonbury

Wedding - Live sketching

The other role I had at the wedding was to sketch the events of the whole day. The wedding couple asked me to capture as many moments throughout the day as possible. This was a very difficult task, mainly due to the pace of what was going on. But I managed to produce 23 very quick sketches. Below is one I did of the camper van they used as the arrival car for the wedding. The rest you can check on my Facebook Page here 

The whole day was a very enjoyable experience and although I was under a lot of pressure to produce the sketches, it was a great way of making a keepsake present of the day. If you would like anything similar producing, based off what I have done on the blog post then you can contact me 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Self Portrait

After a busy couple of weeks painting commissions for a new album, I didn't have very much time left to produce this self portrait that is my entry for the Sky arts portrait of the year competition. Luckily they extended the deadline for entries. I wanted to try something a little different this time around, I have always loved creating monochrome style paintings, there is a wealth of 'colour' in black and white, and you can produce some lovely light and shade using just black an white. 

I wanted to change the composition slightly, so rather than me looking at the viewer, I decided to look at my own reflection. For me this created an eery feeling which posed a lot of questions while painting it. I have recently been learning about eastern philosophy based of Tao and Buddhism which opens the door to how we look at ourselves in relation to the world we live in. The question is, are we connected as one or is it our own ego that creates the illusion that we are separate from nature? I think people are at varying levels and understandings of this concept. I like to feel that this comes through in the painting. In a society where vanity and how we present ourselves seem to dominate our everyday lives, how does this effect the way we look at the world we live in.

The painting took just over 6 hours to do and I do wish I had longer, but I think the added pressure helped me push through the idea. I shall wait and see what happens with the entry.