Monday, 22 October 2012


This is my latest painting, which is a commission for someone who wanted a painting of a meaningful place. I like the idea of that rather than the usual portrait of a family member. I am hoping I have captured it enough for them to reminisce about the place in their household.

Other than Flickr I have also joined a new site called Pinterest. It is a wonderful site where people use it as a pin board, placing pictures of anything and everything that interests them. It is a really good way to share your thoughts and pictures.

Currently I am on a second picture commissioned by the same person. After that I have a couple of Sunset pics to do and then I will be making a start on a series of self portraits for a competition.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Sunrise over Mapperley Top, Nottingham

This is my latest painting, quite a quick one to do as I knew what I wanted from it. The autumn months produces some wonderful sunrises, The last breaths of summer now behind us and the onset of winter around the corner. This is where I take my dog for a walk in the early mornings before the mad rush of the working day.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Painting frenzy!!

I am really enjoying painting again at the moment! more so than when I was at university all those drunken years ago. I think the main thing, is that I am appreciating it more, I am basically picking up from where I left off which means I still have a lot to do. Not so much about painting as many pictures as possible, but more to do with my own development. There are still some unanswered questions in my work  and I have all the time in the world to explore it. I know that my passion lies with light and dark and with the next couple of pictures I have done just that. The first one is a painting of a window in Morocco at a place called Fes. The light was shining through the restaurant window in the Medina and created light that is so different to the light back home in England.

 The problem I have at the moment is that my painting needs to loosen up a lot more, I know deep down my confidence is steadily building again slow but sure.

The next painting I have completed only this evening is of my daughter Poppy. I had only just recently painted one of my other daughter Olivia, so Poppy was feeling a bit left out.

Again my main focus is on light and dark. I think this is going to be the current theme for the time being, as I am going to create a body of work mainly on figurative stuff. I am also planning on creating a self portrait that I want to enter into a competition from the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.