Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A snapshot of 2014

A snapshot of my artwork in 2014. A lot has happened this year including School murals, Art exhibitions and various commissions. I am looking forward to the same again in 2015. Happy New Year to you all! :}> x

Sunday, 9 November 2014


In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

by John McCrae, May 1915

Monday, 6 October 2014

Nearly there!

Painting No.20 for 'The Eternal Now' Theme of paintings, by Anthony Greentree
Painting No.20 for 'The Eternal Now' Theme of paintings, by Anthony Greentree

Well I am now in the final week before I exhibit at The Carnival of Monsters Art Festival. This latest painting is the 20th and I still have one more to do. I have noticed that each painting I have done along the way seemed to have their own treatment in terms of feel and application. Even though I am emulating the idea of subject and background as one, I feel that each subject seem to be at differing levels of connection to the outer world. The colours in the background for each picture seem to come on while I am painting, as nothing is really planned when I create them.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

More paintings for 'The Eternal Now' Exhibition

Painting no.18 'The Eternal Now. Aynsley Lister, by Anthony Greentree
Painting no.19 'The Eternal Now. Aynsley Lister, by Anthony Greentree

I have completed two more paintings ready for my exhibition on the 11th - 25th October at the Carnival of Monsters Art Festival in Nottingham. These are more famous people who have very kindly offered themselves as subjects for my painted portraits. 

Painting No.18 'The Eternal Now. Darren Campbell, by Anthony Greentree
The first one is blues guitarist Aynsley Lister, who kindly let me take some reference photos backstage at one of his gigs earlier in the year. 

The second portrait is of Olympic Gold Medalist, Darren Campbell, who I met while doing a Headteachers conference mural in Cardiff. 

Apart from the two more paintings I have yet to complete, I will have 21 paintings altogether to show at the exhibition. I like to think that these are a diverse range from family friends and famous people. I will explain in more detail about the whole concept of these works nearer the time.
For more information on the Exhibition you can click here for the event.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Work in Progress of final paintings for 'The Eternal Now'

Work in Progress - No.18. Painting of Olympic Gold Medalist Darren Campbell MBE, by Anthony Greentree
Work in Progress - No.18. Painting of Olympic Gold Medalist Darren Campbell MBE, by Anthony Greentree

There are two weeks remaining before the start of my Exhibition at the Carnival of Monsters Art Festival. I have around 4 paintings left to complete. The work in progress painting above is no.18 for 'The Eternal Now'. This is of Olympic Gold Medalist Darren Campbell MBE, who very kindly offered to be a subject for my series of paintings. I met him while I was creating a conference mural in Cardiff earlier this year and he happily posed for some reference photos for the particular painting.

Each painting has been an amazing journey so far, more than I could of imagined. The exploration of the 'self' and the connection with the outer world which we are part of has been dictated by each painting. The relationship between each subject and the background have given different results. The atmosphere of each painting have give different levels of connection to the elements I am emulating.

If you are in the Nottingham area during the 11th - 25th October then come down and view the paintings that will be included amongst 35 other Artists exhibiting over the 2 week period.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

My painting of Alan Watts

Alan Watts, Painting by Anthony Greentree
Alan Watts. The painting is based off a photo personally chosen by his son Mark Watts.
I received a lovely email from Alan Watts son Mark this morning about the painting I have done of his father for the exhibition 'The Eternal Now'. After the event it will go to the Alan Watts Mountain Centre near the Pt. Reyes National Seashore north of San Francisco. Here is his message:

"Hi Anthony,
The painting is remarkable, and powerfully captures his essence well beyond that of the photo. Remarkable, a true artist's vision!

And of course we look forward to adding it to the Center's art works, which is a collection that so far lacks a portrait of its founder, and we have passed on a few!
Thank you so much, and best of luck with the exhibition,


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Eternal Now, Art Exhibition by Anthony Greentree

You are invited to come along and view a series of paintings I have created on the theme of 'The Eternal Now' which will be held at the Carnival of Monsters Art Festival on the 11th - 25th October, 2014. I will be amongst several other artists who will be exhibiting their work over the two week period. The whole event is free, and everyone is welcome. 
There will be: 10 galleries of contemporary art, over 35 local and worldwide artists featuring paintings, sculpture, installations, photography, sound and light installations, 
FREE events for kids, an unplugged music evening, 
OXJAM and.... a Jazz festival!!
For more info and event list you can go to this link here:

Friday, 20 June 2014

Live conference murals

Conference murals in Derby and Cardiff completed this week.
A very busy and enjoyable few days this week. I was hired to paint two conference murals, one in Derby for the #goodchildhood summit held by The Mighty Creatives and the second one the day after in Cardiff for a Headteachers conference held by Inspire Education.

work in progress of the TMC mural in Derby
The idea of both murals was to paint and draw the atmosphere, key points and activities throughout the day, which is almost like a live visual diary. For example, as one of the speakers are talking, I would paint a quick picture of them and surround it with either key notes or visual ideas to represent what they are saying.

So in some ways I am creating a snapshot of the events that take place that help as an aid to the people attending, to try an bring home some of the key messages from the agenda of the day.

It is very intensive, but at the same time very enjoyable to do. The people who attend and host the events are very welcoming and help to ease the pressure when try to paint the information down!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Famous faces for 'The Eternal Now'

Steve Hackett and David Coverdale painted by Anthony Greentree
Steve Hackett and David Coverdale who kindly offered their photos for the Paintings I worked on.

Recently I approached some of my musical heroes, via twitter and email to see if they fancied having their portrait painted for part of the theme of paintings I am working on for the Exhibition, The Carnival of Monsters in October.

To my delight I received some responses. One was of my guitar hero, Steve Hackett of early Genesis Fame (who is just as brilliant solo) and Rock singer David Coverdale from Whitesnake who kindly submitted their photos for me to use.
The reason for these particular paintings was to demonstrate, that no matter what status or background we sit within the constructs and descriptive world we have created, we are all still one and the same with the universe. 

I have also approached Mark Watts who is the son of the late Philosopher Alan Watts (who has been the inspiration for the whole thing!) and he has supplied me with a photo to use of his father that i will also paint as part of these work. I still have quite a few more portraits to do, and each one has it's own feel and approach.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Self Portrait for competition

Anthony Greentree. Acrylic on canvas 50 x 60cm
I am halfway through my theme of paintings for 'The Eternal Now' The next piece has a dual purpose, mainly because I am entering the Sky Arts Portrait competition. The entry requirement is to produce a self portrait. So over the Easter weekend I set up a mirror in my little studio and gradually produced the portrait.

small photo of the set up for the Self portrait.
I have to say this was one of my toughest challenges so far. I think mainly because I set a little pressure on myself to try and get it right. I went though a lot of frustration and doubt to get there, as there were some moments I looked at it and questioned the way it was working. But eventually I have come up with what I feel represents something that I is in keeping with my approach to painting at this moment in time. (if that makes any sense!)

The self portrait is also part of the themed collection of paintings I am producing and also a slight change in the way I am portraying the subjects and composition.

I will be over the moon even if I only manage to make it to the heat stages, but art is a very subjective thing so who knows! :}>
For more updates on my work on this and other stuff you can go here:

Monday, 7 April 2014

Paintings for 'The Eternal Now' update

Painting no.9 for 'The Eternal Now', by Anthony Greentree
I have just completed painting no.9 for 'The Eternal Now' theme I am currently working on. There are 11 more subjects to paint. Each painting so far has it's own feel and approach especially when exploring the idea of background and subject. 

The palette seems to change for each one to compliment the composition and imagined experience. I am trying to emulate the relationship of the self and wider universe we are all part of. Using the influences of Philosopher Alan Watts and his Teachings of Zen Buddhism has so far been a revelation and fascinating journey which I am now adapting and learning in my own life.

The Exhibition in October is when I can hopefully show all 20 paintings that I have worked on. They are all of varying sizes and I am really looking forward to seeing them all together in one place. I will have more details of it in the next few months. 

For more updates on my work on this and other stuff you can go here:

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mural prep at Chaucer School

Work is now underway with the second school mural. This time it is at Chaucer School in Derbyshire. The school children gladly helped me in preparing the wall ready for painting the design on monday. The design for the wall is based off a competition at the school to come up with a target area for ball games during their playtime.

I will then have to redraw it based off the winning design so that it adapts to the dimensions of the wall. Again the children at the school will also help me paint the mural so watch this space ... 

Monday, 31 March 2014

School Mural at Walsall Wood School

Last week I completed my first school mural with the children at Walsall Wood Primary School in Walsall. It was decided better to paint it on wooden panels for it to be mounted on the wall outside in their playground.

All of the children created designs of what they loved and saw in Walsall for their mural which included some children writing messages on their designs that symbolised what Walsall Wood School was all about. I then went along to have a look and created a design based off their ideas. One of the main features of the designs was the Jigger Brownhills Minor sculpture that towers over in the area. I set about constructing a rough ideaand set to work on the 6 panels that would make the mural. 

With the help of the children I drew a black outline of the mural for them to help colour in the areas of colour. 

To finish off we had all 250 children from the school make their mark on the mural by making a painted handprint on the bottom of it. 

Overall the staff and children were very happy with the end result and I look forward to seeing it finally mounted on the brick wall outside. This was the first of 4 that I am currently working on, more pics to follow! 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Twist and Turns

The Eternal Now paintings no. 1-4, by Anthony Greentree
I was only talking about spontaneity and its relationship with discipline the other day. That seems to be the case with my paintings at the moment. Each one has its own set of challenges, the idea of balance with the portrait and the background, trying to create atmosphere and energy. 

Last night my 4th painting in the series was a quite a pivotal moment for me as for the first time ever I felt I could apply colour and application with more confidence. I am trying to create a sense of being at one with our surroundings, blending in with the outside world that we seem to be trying our best to detach ourselves from because of our busy daily lives. 

I am in a process of learning how to meditate at the moment (zazen) and I think what I am experiencing is starting to show through my work. The idea of shutting off your thoughts and taking in external elements is totally fascinating. In Zen buddhism the idea of the enlightenment or awakening is a difficult one to get your head around, but with the likes of Alan Watts who has been a huge influence of late, has helped me on the path of rediscovery.

I have a long way to go yet with these paintings and I am already excited as to where the next ones will take me. People have kindly sent me pictures so that I can use for reference for the remainder of the works that I hope to exhibit in October.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Mad as a March hare!

Normanton Church, Rutland Water at sunset, by Anthony Greentree
Normanton Church, Rutland Water at sunset, by Anthony Greentree

March is already looking like a hugely busy and productive month! Since creating murals at some of the educational conferences, I have had a few schools asking for help with their own school murals. So over the next few months I will post what me and the schools come up with!

Twitter is still a wonderful hub of inspiration and activity with the monthly themes that we organise amongst other artists on the site. Last month we did #linefebruary which was a very challenging month, as it stripped back all the elements for us only to produce work in line. This month we decided on #skymarch, which is to produce artwork in any media but with the sky being the dominant feature. Above is one that I created at the weekend of Rutland Water

The Eternal Now No.2 - By Anthony Greentree
The Eternal Now No.2 - By Anthony Greentree
'The Eternal Now' project is currently on going. I am working on the third painting and already there are new things coming into the mix. One of the things I am discovering is the play with balance. Not just with composition or light and dark tones, but the nature of spontaneity and discipline. The main aim is to capture an energy or feeling from the background as the vehicle to describe the scene for each subject.
I have also asked people on Facebook etc if they would like to submit a photo of themselves in the same way, so that I could paint them for inclusion in the set of works. So far I have had quite a few, so lots to get working on.

The Carnival of Monsters Art festival, Nottingham
The Carnival of Monsters Art festival, Nottingham
Finally just a reminder that I am helping organise an Arts festival in October. The event is called The Carnival of Monsters and the idea is to expose contemporary art to the wider public. At the moment there are plans for music and workshops as well as the diverse artwork out there from artists far and wide including the local area. If you are an artist and would like to take part in exhibiting at the two week event then you can click here for a 'call to artist submission form'. That's it for now, I better get back to it! :}>

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Q & A interview with the Palette Pages

A online artist magazine and blog have recently done a short Q & A interview with me about my current work. You can view the interview here: Palette Pages Interview with Anthony Greentree.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Painting 'The Eternal Now' Work in progress

'The Eternal Now - No.1' by Anthony Greentree
'The Eternal Now - No.1' by Anthony Greentree

I am currently in the process of creating paintings for 'The Eternal Now'. A series of 20 works I am aiming to complete for an Exhibition in October 2014. Recently I have been highly influenced by a philosopher called Alan Watts. His whole approach to life has affected me in such a way that I now am going through a process of 'unlearning' Alan Watts was an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience he regarded himself as a spiritual entertainer and that he had nothing to sell. What he wanted to do was unravel everything that we are as human beings. I could go on forever but I recommend you check him out on Youtube.

One of the subjects he covered that has fascinated me is the subject of time itself. TIme is a form of measurement, that it actually doesn't exist and yet we depend on it as part of our daily lives. What we perceive as the past and future only exists in the present or the now. It is very hard to explain this in words, infact that is the very thing that Watts goes on about, that everything is described and seen as symbols to represent the 'real'

Anthony Greentree, Artist
Me with my first complete work.
Another area that Alan Watts has led me to is the use of 'zazen' (seated meditation) which I am currently going through a process of learning. The use of meditation to connect with reality, that you don't think of any thoughts what-so-ever and that you let the sounds of the outside world become the voice of reality.

These paintings are somehow what I am trying relate to in all of these areas, about the connection with ourselves and the real world, and the Eternal Now.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mural Mania

Walsall School improvement conference
The last few days have been very busy indeed. I had been commissioned to create 2 murals 'visual minutes'. One in Walsall for a Head teachers school improvement conference and the other one in Derby for the second installment of The Mighty Creatives ( #goodchildhood ) Cultural life of the Child, Primary Years 5-11 years.

The main objective with these murals is to capture as much of the key points and general atmosphere of the whole event as quickly as possible. On both occasions, Professional speakers and figures within the education and youth sectors were all there to contribute in an effort to grow and build on ideas for the future of children and the well being.

Life of the Child conference at the Riverside Centre, Derby
During the second mural I painted, children from a local primary school in Nottingham contributed to the mural. I asked them to paint how they saw themselves in 10 years time. There was quite a varied response, from aspiring to be an Olympic swimmer through to a Fossil hunter!

I thoroughly enjoyed both days, meeting new people and listening to their varied passions, speeches and discussions throughout the course of the day.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Preparatory sketches

preparatory sketches for 'The Eternal Now'
Work has started on paintings towards my first exhibition that I am aiming for in October. The pictures above are just some of the preparatory sketches I'm working on before making a start on the final paintings. I aim to complete around 20 large scale paintings by the end of the summer 2014. 

The working title for these paintings will be called 'The Eternal Now' I am exploring the idea that there is no such thing as the past or present, as it exists only in the 'Now'. I am also looking into how we translate the real world through symbols that we have devised over generations to represent what we see and hear. But through this I feel that we as a whole have become ever increasingly separated (or maybe we think we are detached) from the universe itself. What is? This for me is the biggest question. Family and friends have kindly posed for these paintings. I am asking them to stare intently into nothingness, I want to try and capture the connection we have with the real and expose the fact that us and the universe are one and the same.

Friday, 17 January 2014

The Eternal Now

January is the start of many things for my art at the moment. A lot of things happened last year good and bad, and from this it is almost a clean slate in terms of where I go next with my work. The continual on going daily sketch is going well and keeping me in trim for lots of work ahead. 

Me and Haidee Jo Summers Painting each others portraits
My first painting of the year was a very enjoyable one indeed. My old university friend and fellow artist Haidee Jo Summers, had her Art Exhibition in Nottingham. As well as showing her great works, she was also painting a portrait everyday as well as dealing with sales of her work and customers.

Haidee's portrait of me
I was one of the sitters for her portrait that day and what made it slightly different was that I was painting her too. We only had limited time, so all in all it took around 2hrs to complete the pictures. It was a great exercise to do because it enabled us to build confidence under pressure. Also the fact that sometimes there is the fear of not getting it right with all the stopping, starting and moving around. But what it proved was that painting in this way creates more energy and feeling.

My portrait of Haidee
Haidees Exhibition is online and you can view it here. Her work is mainly Plein Air paintings and she paints between her homes in England and France.

The Eternal Now - work in progress
I have been struggling for sometime on a theme for a series of paintings I wanted to get stuck into. The death of my Father last year had forced me into a process of 'unlearning' to 'relearning'. My blog would go on forever if I tried to explain why, but I suppose in a nutshell I am going through a phase of rediscovering what we are all about. I am fascinated by the way we see in a world of ideas and symbols that we use to live by or translate.

I was diverted by someone to check out a famous philosopher called Alan Watts. This has totally transformed my way of looking at life in general, by looking at how we live in a different way. One of the things Alan Watts, focused one was the element of time. That time is just a concept, for there is no such thing as the past or the future and that we only live in the 'now'.

Sketch of my friend David, towards my first painting
So this brings me onto my paintings. I have started work on some sketches towards some way of representing this notion of 'Now'. A few of my friends have kindly offered to pose for a series of portraits that I will be working on. Not only am I looking at how someone stares into nothingness, but the background in which the subject is placed transporting the notion of 'now'.

My aim is to complete them all for my exhibition in October. (details of this I will reveal nearer the time.)