Monday, 31 March 2014

School Mural at Walsall Wood School

Last week I completed my first school mural with the children at Walsall Wood Primary School in Walsall. It was decided better to paint it on wooden panels for it to be mounted on the wall outside in their playground.

All of the children created designs of what they loved and saw in Walsall for their mural which included some children writing messages on their designs that symbolised what Walsall Wood School was all about. I then went along to have a look and created a design based off their ideas. One of the main features of the designs was the Jigger Brownhills Minor sculpture that towers over in the area. I set about constructing a rough ideaand set to work on the 6 panels that would make the mural. 

With the help of the children I drew a black outline of the mural for them to help colour in the areas of colour. 

To finish off we had all 250 children from the school make their mark on the mural by making a painted handprint on the bottom of it. 

Overall the staff and children were very happy with the end result and I look forward to seeing it finally mounted on the brick wall outside. This was the first of 4 that I am currently working on, more pics to follow! 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Twist and Turns

The Eternal Now paintings no. 1-4, by Anthony Greentree
I was only talking about spontaneity and its relationship with discipline the other day. That seems to be the case with my paintings at the moment. Each one has its own set of challenges, the idea of balance with the portrait and the background, trying to create atmosphere and energy. 

Last night my 4th painting in the series was a quite a pivotal moment for me as for the first time ever I felt I could apply colour and application with more confidence. I am trying to create a sense of being at one with our surroundings, blending in with the outside world that we seem to be trying our best to detach ourselves from because of our busy daily lives. 

I am in a process of learning how to meditate at the moment (zazen) and I think what I am experiencing is starting to show through my work. The idea of shutting off your thoughts and taking in external elements is totally fascinating. In Zen buddhism the idea of the enlightenment or awakening is a difficult one to get your head around, but with the likes of Alan Watts who has been a huge influence of late, has helped me on the path of rediscovery.

I have a long way to go yet with these paintings and I am already excited as to where the next ones will take me. People have kindly sent me pictures so that I can use for reference for the remainder of the works that I hope to exhibit in October.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Mad as a March hare!

Normanton Church, Rutland Water at sunset, by Anthony Greentree
Normanton Church, Rutland Water at sunset, by Anthony Greentree

March is already looking like a hugely busy and productive month! Since creating murals at some of the educational conferences, I have had a few schools asking for help with their own school murals. So over the next few months I will post what me and the schools come up with!

Twitter is still a wonderful hub of inspiration and activity with the monthly themes that we organise amongst other artists on the site. Last month we did #linefebruary which was a very challenging month, as it stripped back all the elements for us only to produce work in line. This month we decided on #skymarch, which is to produce artwork in any media but with the sky being the dominant feature. Above is one that I created at the weekend of Rutland Water

The Eternal Now No.2 - By Anthony Greentree
The Eternal Now No.2 - By Anthony Greentree
'The Eternal Now' project is currently on going. I am working on the third painting and already there are new things coming into the mix. One of the things I am discovering is the play with balance. Not just with composition or light and dark tones, but the nature of spontaneity and discipline. The main aim is to capture an energy or feeling from the background as the vehicle to describe the scene for each subject.
I have also asked people on Facebook etc if they would like to submit a photo of themselves in the same way, so that I could paint them for inclusion in the set of works. So far I have had quite a few, so lots to get working on.

The Carnival of Monsters Art festival, Nottingham
The Carnival of Monsters Art festival, Nottingham
Finally just a reminder that I am helping organise an Arts festival in October. The event is called The Carnival of Monsters and the idea is to expose contemporary art to the wider public. At the moment there are plans for music and workshops as well as the diverse artwork out there from artists far and wide including the local area. If you are an artist and would like to take part in exhibiting at the two week event then you can click here for a 'call to artist submission form'. That's it for now, I better get back to it! :}>