Sunday, 28 September 2014

Work in Progress of final paintings for 'The Eternal Now'

Work in Progress - No.18. Painting of Olympic Gold Medalist Darren Campbell MBE, by Anthony Greentree
Work in Progress - No.18. Painting of Olympic Gold Medalist Darren Campbell MBE, by Anthony Greentree

There are two weeks remaining before the start of my Exhibition at the Carnival of Monsters Art Festival. I have around 4 paintings left to complete. The work in progress painting above is no.18 for 'The Eternal Now'. This is of Olympic Gold Medalist Darren Campbell MBE, who very kindly offered to be a subject for my series of paintings. I met him while I was creating a conference mural in Cardiff earlier this year and he happily posed for some reference photos for the particular painting.

Each painting has been an amazing journey so far, more than I could of imagined. The exploration of the 'self' and the connection with the outer world which we are part of has been dictated by each painting. The relationship between each subject and the background have given different results. The atmosphere of each painting have give different levels of connection to the elements I am emulating.

If you are in the Nottingham area during the 11th - 25th October then come down and view the paintings that will be included amongst 35 other Artists exhibiting over the 2 week period.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

My painting of Alan Watts

Alan Watts, Painting by Anthony Greentree
Alan Watts. The painting is based off a photo personally chosen by his son Mark Watts.
I received a lovely email from Alan Watts son Mark this morning about the painting I have done of his father for the exhibition 'The Eternal Now'. After the event it will go to the Alan Watts Mountain Centre near the Pt. Reyes National Seashore north of San Francisco. Here is his message:

"Hi Anthony,
The painting is remarkable, and powerfully captures his essence well beyond that of the photo. Remarkable, a true artist's vision!

And of course we look forward to adding it to the Center's art works, which is a collection that so far lacks a portrait of its founder, and we have passed on a few!
Thank you so much, and best of luck with the exhibition,


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Eternal Now, Art Exhibition by Anthony Greentree

You are invited to come along and view a series of paintings I have created on the theme of 'The Eternal Now' which will be held at the Carnival of Monsters Art Festival on the 11th - 25th October, 2014. I will be amongst several other artists who will be exhibiting their work over the two week period. The whole event is free, and everyone is welcome. 
There will be: 10 galleries of contemporary art, over 35 local and worldwide artists featuring paintings, sculpture, installations, photography, sound and light installations, 
FREE events for kids, an unplugged music evening, 
OXJAM and.... a Jazz festival!!
For more info and event list you can go to this link here: